MARS Industries FAQ


Why does MARS Industries use a portal?
  • Your privacy is essential to the core values of MARS Industries. We created a HIPAA compliant portal with military grade security to protect your information and your privacy. Additionally, by using a portal to receive your assessment results, you can access your information anywhere, at any time, and from any compatible device.


How Do I Create an Account?

  • Step 1: Take our assessment using the link provided in your assessment link email after purchase.
  • Step 2: After completing and submitting the assessment, follow the link to our assessment portal.
  • Step 3: Using the same email address indicated in your assessment, create a portal login.
  • Step 4: Verify your email address after creating a portal account.
  • Step 5: Login to access your results.

For a more detailed explanation including images with each step, please see below.


I haven’t received any or all of the emails I am supposed to.

  • Please check your SPAM folder.


I can’t login to the portal.

  • Make sure you have already completed your assessment.
  • Make sure you used the same email to complete the assessment as you used to create your portal.
  • If you created a portal using the wrong credentials/email address, you are able to create another login using the correct email address but it must match the one you used to complete your assessment.
  • If you cannot resolve this issue please contact our support team here: MARS Support


I can’t find a link to the portal. Where do I go?

  • Any time you want to access the MARS Industries portal, you can go to  and login using a link on our main page.



For mobile users, you will need to touch the three lines to open our menu to access our portal login.




A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide to Completing a MARS Industries Assessment


STEP 1: After purchasing your assessment or receiving credentials through your organization to take an assessment, you should receive an email that contains two links. This first link takes you to your assessment. It is essential that this step be completed before creating a portal account.


STEP 2: After completing your assessment, follow the second link indicated below to create your portal login. This link is also provided at the end of your assessment and can be accessed from if necessary.



STEP 3: To receive your results, you must use the same email address to create your portal that you used on the assessment. If you use the “Sign Up with Google” option, make sure you also used your google account/email when you completed your assessment. Your portal sign up page should look like this:



STEP 4: After registering, you will receive an email indicating you need to verify your account. Make sure to verify your email prior to receiving your results.



STEP 5: Login to see your results. If your results are not available immediately, please allow several more minutes for processing.