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Let MARS Industries help you grow your practice or expand into consulting services by becoming a POWERS Certified Practitioner/Consultant.

Introducing the POWERS. A groundbreaking assessment tool which rates an individual on 21 dimensions empirically associated with success in life. Becoming POWERS Certified is easy, quick, and affordable. Sign up to take our two-hour online training program which includes a comprehensive interpretive guide for use with your clients. Once complete, you will receive a link to sign up as an affiliate. POWERS Certified Practitioners/Consultants receive 20% in commission for each assessment sold. This would apply to any of our digital course content as well that your clients' take. Click here to sign up today!






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The POWERS helps you build and expand the scope of your practice by:

Differentiating yourself from other practitioners by offering a robust assessment tool that can help provide a road map and frame goals.

Providing an additional and consistent stream of passive income.

Utilizes technology that is HIPAA compliant.

The POWERS is fully self-scoring and interpreted so that the client can understand them without the need to engage doctoral level professionals.

All you have to do is share a link to get your client started.




The Future of Assessment

We created MARS Industries due to our frustrations with the assessment industry which we perceive as focused on what is wrong with an individual and are equally concerned with the fact that the people that need help the most are often unable to access the tools either because of the gatekeepers or prohibitive costs.

MARS Industries seeks to be the first assessment company in the world to do the following:

Focus on what’s right about someone in addition to pointing out areas of improvement.

Have all of our tools fully self-scoring and interpreted.

Utilize an affiliate model so that practitioners who help us help others would benefit financially.

What is the POWERS?

POWERS is an empirically derived assessment used to identify primary strengths and weaknesses
correlated with long-term success.

The POWERS is a comprehensive and dynamic assessment for:

  • • Executives
  • • Business leaders
  • • Managers
  • • Pre-Employment Screening
  • • Other key staff

It measures Seven Dimensions and 21 Success Subgroups that are Empirically Associated with success in:

  • • Leadership Roles
  • • Workplace Performance
  • • Corporate Events
  • • Teams Big and Small
  • • Balancing Work and Home Life
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The POWERS measures seven dimensions of success including:

  • • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • • Rational Intelligence
  • • Cultural Intelligence
  • • Work-Life Equilibrium
  • • Wellness
  • • Dimensions of Leadership
  • • Introspective Intelligence