Predictor of World-Class Excellence Rating Scales

The POWERS assesses key strengths and determines distinct limitations that may be interfering with one’s workplace potential.

The POWERS was developed by a team of doctors and high-level consultants with backgrounds in Fortune 500 business consultancy, neuroscience, and psychology. The POWERS is based on decades of research on personality, productivity, health, wellness, intelligence, and interpersonal skills.

The results of the POWERS can be used as a basis to not only transform skills in the workplace but also promote a healthy work-life balance.

Are You Ready to Seek Your POWERS?

The POWERS was created to help identify personal strengths and barriers to achieving excellence in and outside of the workplace.

The POWERS provides an immediate in-depth analysis of 7 Dimensions of Success with 21 Success Subgroups.

The results of the POWERS help individuals better understand personal characteristics that are aiding success or hindering achievement. Examples of the 21 subgroups evaluated include Sociability and Social Communication, Vision/Inventiveness, and Work and Home Health.

Instant and Comprehensive Results

After completing the POWERS, a detailed and in-depth report is immediately delivered. A comprehensive profile and analysis of the 7 dimensions and all 21 subgroups is provided.

The POWERS can be completed in 15 – 20 minutes.

With millions of possible result combinations, the POWERS can provide a very specific and valuable personal profile.

What is the POWERS?

The POWERS is an empirically derived assessment used to identify primary strengths and weaknesses correlated with long-term success.

The POWERS is a comprehensive and dynamic assessment for:

  • Executives
  • Business leaders
  • Managers
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Other key staff

It measures SEVEN DIMENSIONS and 21 SUCCESS SUBGROUPS that are empirically associated with success in:

  • Leadership Roles
  • Workplace Performance
  • Corporate Events
  • Teams Big and Small
  • Balancing Work and Home Life

The POWERS was designed using decades of research on personality, productivity, health, wellness, intelligence, and interpersonal skills.

The POWERS measures seven dimensions of success including:

  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Rational Intelligence
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Work-Life Equilibrium
  • Wellness
  • Dimensions of Leadership
  • Introspective Intelligence

How was the POWERS developed?

The POWERS was developed by using empirically derived research on leadership, job performance, and personality to create a set of questions that measures traits which highlight the most important of these attributes.

Much of the research used as a basis for the questions on the POWERS correlates with traits on the Big Five Personality Inventory.

The POWERS measures what are considered to be the most relevant and important aspects of success at work and home.

Ready To Seek Your POWERS?